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is it legal to burn money

Is It Legal To Burn Money?

Sometimes people don’t think much about their money unless they are in a desperate situation. If you lost a relatively small amount, you’ll probably ignore

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where can you own a fox
Animal Law

Where Can You Own A Fox?

Many people have this obsession with owning exotic, unique, and outlandish pets. If you browse the internet regularly, you may have seen videos of people

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What do medical lawyers do
Lawyer Careers

What Do Medical Lawyers Do?

Medical lawyers, as the name suggests, specialize in the field of medicine and public health. But what does a medical lawyer do? What are their

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How many dogs can a person own
Animal Law

How many dogs can you have?

The number of dog parks, grooming parlors, training schools, and pet food stores shows that dogs are a popular pet favorite. There’s no denying that

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Medical lawyer qualifications

How to become a Medical Lawyer

Medical lawyers are focused on the medical industry and public health. Most of the time, they represent clients suing doctors and medical practitioners for misconduct

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Bitcoin legal in australia
Internet Law

Is bitcoin legal in Australia?

The quick answer to this question is yes, bitcoin is legal in Australia. And so are other cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and the wider blockchain ecosystem.

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DDOS illegal to
Internet Law

Is it illegal to DDOS?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks flood a target website with multiple requests for service. This overloads the server, rendering it slow or unable to

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