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Is It Illegal to Park In Front Of a Mailbox?

car in front of a mailbox

It can be hard to find parking, especially if you are new to an area. So people try to find the best spot as much as possible. And it can sometimes be in front of a mailbox. 

Unfortunately, there can be many rules surrounding mailboxes, like mail carriers needing enough space to deliver your mail. If something blocks your mailbox, you could miss out on your mail.

But what if your neighbor blocks your mailbox? Would it be illegal, and what can you do about it?

Can My Neighbor Park In Front Of My Mailbox?

Nobody likes receiving their mail late. And unfortunately, it can occur if there is an obstruction in front of your mailbox. And while it is rude to block another person’s mailbox, it’s only illegal in certain places. In the US, no federal laws will prevent you from parking your car in front of a mailbox. Only certain states do. 

For example, the California Vehicle Code prevents people from parking within 10 feet or in front of the mailbox. However, this law is only active from 8 am to 7 pm each day, except for Sundays or federal holidays. Other places that have the same rules are Meridian, Mississippi (where you can’t park within ten feet of a mailbox between 8 am and 5 pm, except on days when mail is not delivered) and Franklin, Kentucky (same rules with Meridian, except instead of 10 feet, it’s 12 feet).

So if your state or city has no laws against people obstructing mailboxes, your neighbor is free to park his car in front of your mailbox. But there could be exceptions. For example, if your mailbox is on the street where it’s illegal to park, you can call authorities for anyone who parks. If no laws exist, you are on your own in telling your neighbor not to block your mailbox.

One country you need to be careful in parking in is Australia. Victorian road rules state that drivers parking near any Australian Post mailbox must ensure a three-meter gap before and after. The only exceptions are when you drop or pick up mail or someone. Or if there is a sign that says you can park. Breaking this law can lead to a $466 fine.

Clearance Needed Around a Mailbox

Different places will have their regulations regarding the clearance of mailboxes. Why? Because it ensures that your mailman has enough room to park near your mailbox, deliver your parcel, and drive back. The free space also allows checking anything in front or at the back of their vehicle, like children or pets, which could cause safety issues.

In the US, the United States Postal System (USPS) states that 30m clearance is the appropriate distance for mailboxes. So there needs to be 15m space before and after a mailbox.

However, the post office has no authority to convict you. The best thing they can do is not deliver your mail if there’s an obstruction. But as you have read above, different places can have rules against people parking in front of mailboxes. 

What Counts As Blocked Mailbox?

Cars are not the only thing that will block your mailbox. Other obstructions can just as well prevent your mailman from delivering your parcel. These can include snow, large bushes, and trash cans. Even toys can prevent your mailman from doing their job. 

So as a responsible citizen, you need to ensure that nothing blocks your mailbox. If it’s winter, you need to remove the snow and ice piling around your mailbox if you want to continue receiving your mail. The same goes for plants and flowers growing near your mailbox. Sometimes your mail carrier will ask you to remove anything obstructing your mailbox so they can deliver your parcel.

Can The Mailman Skip Your House?

Almost every country designed its postal service to be fast and efficient. If the mailman has to go through a lot just to deliver one parcel, their route will take too long to complete. And many people will have late mail deliveries. So if there is too much work to deliver your mail, they’ll most likely skip your house.

The US postal system allows mail carriers to skip a house if there is an obstruction in front of the mailbox. If your mailbox continues to have issues, the postal service could discontinue delivering your mail, meaning you’ll have to go to the post office to get your parcel, which can be a real hassle.

The mailman will also stop delivering mail to your house if his safety is at risk. A typical problem that some mailmen encounter is dogs. If you don’t properly restrain your dog, your dog could bite the mailman. Another scenario is when a household member makes threats. Such cases permit your mail service to stop delivering your mail immediately. They’ll also stop sending mail if there are any natural disasters or dangerous weather conditions.

What Can You Do If Your Neighbor Blocks Your Mailbox?

It’s your job to keep your mailbox free from obstruction. After all, you’ll suffer if you don’t receive your mail on time. 

If your state has laws for people blocking a mailbox, you can report your neighbor to the local authorities. They can put a ticket on your neighbor’s car or call a tow company to take it away.

If not, you can try to put a no parking sign near your mailbox to prevent anyone from parking. If nothing works, try talking to your local mail carrier. They may be willing to understand your situation if they know it’s not your fault your mailbox has an obstruction.


The postal service is one of the essential services in a country. Without it, emails and other items from your loved ones will have trouble reaching your home. That is why some places make laws to ensure that the postal service is fast and efficient. While not all have such laws, you still need to be responsible and not park your car in front of mailboxes to ensure that no mail comes late. 

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