Navigating Change in California: Key Legal Updates in Criminal Justice for 2023

California criminal justice reform

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the transformative legal landscape unfolding in California’s criminal justice system throughout 2023. In this guide, we’ll dissect the nuanced changes, delve into the recent laws and amendments, and examine the technological advancements that are reshaping the legal sphere. As legal professionals, adapting to these shifts is paramount for effective […]

Can You Go To Jail For Impersonating Someone On The Phone?

Man who will go to jail For Impersonating Someone On The Phone

According to our research, it is estimated that over 50% of individuals have experienced some form of impersonation through phone calls or other communication channels like social media. Impersonating someone on the phone can have serious legal consequences, potentially leading to imprisonment in some instances.  Understanding the legal definition and implications of impersonation is crucial […]

Can You Go To Jail For False Accusations

man pointing False Accusations who could go to jail

False accusations can have profound consequences on individuals and society as a whole. When someone falsely accuses another person of a crime or wrongdoing, it not only tarnishes their reputation but also undermines the integrity of the justice system. This raises an important question: can you go to jail for false accusations? In this article, […]

When Is It Legal to Shoot Someone

When Is It Legal to Shoot Someone

Most people will fortunately not run into any criminal assault throughout their lives. But some are unfortunate enough to face situations where there is an imminent threat of harm to themselves and their property. The law recognizes these situations and allows self-preservation of their self and property, meaning they can present a defense of self-defense […]

Can You Go to Jail for a Cutting Lock off Storage Unit

Can You Go to Jail for a Cutting Lock off Storage Unit

If you don’t have enough space in your house for your belongings and don’t know where else to put them, storing them in storage units is a good option. Rather than renovating your home or building or renting out an extra room, storage units are a better alternative for storing your assets and belongings in […]

Can You Go to Jail for Adultery

Can You Go to Jail for Adultery

Cheating on a partner can cause someone to break their trust or make emotions run high. Depending on how the couple handles the situation, infidelity can lead to long-lasting resentment or the end of the relationship or marriage. But some places can get you into trouble with the law. In places where religion can influence […]

Is It Legal to Shoot Someone On Your Property in Self Defense

Men holding guns on property for self defense

Popular culture tells us that we’re well within our rights to use force when facing intruders or criminals within our property. The words “self-defense” come to mind. However, what do laws around the world tell us? When is it legal to shoot someone or use lethal force on your property? Read on to find out.  […]

Is it illegal to smoke while pregnant?

showing a pregnant lady being kissed

Smoking is a common habit among people around the world. Each year, the global smoking population grows. While laws are becoming more strict in the production, consumption, and distribution of tobacco products, is it illegal to smoke while pregnant?  In this article, we’ll answer that question and provide other useful information related to the effects […]

Is It Illegal to Lie About Your Age

Lying about your age

Sometimes your age can be a hindrance to you acquiring things in life. For example, only adults can watch R-rated movies or buy alcohol. Or companies would only like to hire employees from a specific age group. Sot it might seem a little tempting to lie about your age because of this.  It seems unfair, […]

Is It Illegal to Egg a House?

is it illegal to egg a house

Eggs are one of the most used ingredients in cooking. But others have another use for eggs. And one particular act that typically teenagers and protesters like doing is to egg a house. Egging is the act of someone or group throwing eggs at people or property. The eggs are raw, but there are instances […]

What Is It Called When Prisoners Get To Go Outside?

Nobody wants to go to prison. The thought of getting stuck in a cell is not something people like to spend their time on. Fortunately, that isn’t true all the time. Prison life is hard. So once in a while, prisoners can get out of their cells to enjoy the fresh air.  If you’re now […]

Is It Illegal to Expose a Confidential Informant?

is it illegal to expose a confidential informant

Building a case against criminals is sometimes not as easy as it seems, especially against organized crime. You will need the help you can get to bring these guys down. So, the police and other similar institutions would sometimes ask someone to become a confidential informant to get some inside information on the inner workings […]

What Happens When You Go To Jail?

What happens when you go to jail

It’s a heavy feeling realizing that you will end up in jail when you plead not guilty to the judge. Everyone has to pay the price of their crimes. And avoiding it will just make your sentence worse.   That said, what happens when you go to jail? Arrival After your sentence you’ll go from court […]

What Happens To Your Bank Account When You Go To Jail?

what happens to your bank account when you go to jail

  Nobody wants to go to jail. But if luck is not on your side and you end up in one, it’s essential to remember that your financial obligations will not excuse you just because you are in prison.  Once you are in prison, you will not have any apps where you can press buttons […]

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying A Judgment

jail for judgement

  Someone just sued you, and unfortunately, you got the short end of the stick. You receive judgment, and it’s a lot of money. Money that you know you could spend on something else rather than what the court demands from you. And so you think to yourself, “Should I even pay this? Or will […]

What Happens to Your House When You Go to Jail

what happens to your house when you go to jail

When you get incarcerated, you won’t be able to access your bank accounts and other personal belongings. So what happens to your house, among other things? In this article, we provide an overview of what might happen to your house and other assets when you end up behind bars. We also discuss ways to keep […]

Can You Go to Jail for Not Paying Payday Loans?

Payday loans are fast and high-interest loans that people commonly take out for sudden and emergency expenses that cannot be accommodated by their budget. People sometimes worry that taking out such a loan can lead to jail time if they default. Is this true? In this article, we’ll answer that question based on laws across […]

What do prisoners do all day?

What do prisoners do in jail

What do prisoners do in the yard? What do they do outside? In this article, we’re going to answer these questions and discuss the common activities that prisoners are allowed to do while inside correctional facilities and jails.  We’ll also compare the US, European, Canadian, and Australian prisons side by side, aiming to shed light […]

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying The Medical Bills?

jail for medical bills

Imagine going to the hospital because of the virus. You have been doing okay for the past few days, but suddenly you get a bad cough, and when you did your test, you came out as Covid positive. So you stay a few days in the hospital until your doctor says you’re all healed up. […]

What happens when a man comes home from jail?

Coming home from jail

For many prisoners, leaving prison is a fresh start, the first step in their new journey of freedom. But, unfortunately, the transition from prisoner to a member of society is not as smooth, especially after long-term incarceration. Integrating into society takes time, and it comes with lots of stress and anxiety to the point some […]

Is it legal to record phone calls?

is it legal to record phone calls

Has your supervisor or abusive ex won’t stop with calls gotten on your last nerve, and you are ready to make a formal complaint? Many harassment charges have a problem sticking because of a lack of evidence. In many cases, it is the complainant’s word against the accused, and without accurate information, making a compelling […]

Is It Illegal to Write on Money?

is it illegal to write on money

Many people assume that writing on paper money is inappropriate. Many of them assume that it’s illegal to write on money — but it’s not. Writing on money isn’t necessarily illegal, but there are restrictions in place to keep the money circulating. In this article, we’ll dive into what the law says about writing on […]

What are the California recording laws?

California recording laws

California has some of the strictest laws and penalties for the illegal recording of conversations, whether it’s eavesdropping, recording of videos, or photography. In this article, we’ll discuss specific laws that cover your privacy rights relating to recordings and eavesdropping. Two-Party Consent and PC 632 recording laws California’s recording law is a two-party consent law, […]

Is it illegal to pepper spray someone?

Pepper Spray Keychain Legal

Oleoresin Capsicum, which is otherwise largely identified as pepper spray, was first introduced by Kamran Logham. The initial idea behind O.C. spray was to facilitate riot control, being that pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent made it easier for police officers to restrain individuals and contain chaotic riots. Over time, capsicum spray has been adopted […]

Can I Go to Jail For Not Paying My Taxes?

jail for not paying taxes

Taxes are a significant revenue source for most states. Therefore, tax payment and filing returns are regarded as patriotic obligations and constitutional responsibilities by most countries. In retrospect, tax-evading is identified as an intentional and illegal attempt to avoid the evaluation, evasion, or paying of duty levied by the authority. Most countries have constitutional acts, […]

What to do if your public defender is not doing their job

What to do if your public defender is not doing their job

Guilty or innocent, everyone has a right to competent legal representation. Ultimately, the attorney you hire to represent you will be determined by your income. Individuals who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer, you are automatically assigned a public defender by the state.  When people hear the word ‘public defender,’ the first instinct is […]

If charges are dropped, does it stay on record?

if charges are dropped, does it stay on record?

The quick answer to this question is yes, they often stay on record. In most countries, dropped charges appear in background checks unless they are expunged or sealed. However, different legislations have certain criteria, processes, and eligibility requirements to follow. In this article, we’re taking a look into how the US and Canadian laws treat […]

Will a Misdemeanor Affect Employment?

will a misdemeanor affect employment

  A misdemeanor is a crime that’s punishable by jail time and/or fine. It’s a less serious offense than a felony but a more serious one than an infraction, which typically doesn’t involve any jail time. In this article, we’re going to discuss how a misdemeanor record can affect your chances of employment in Canada […]

Is It Illegal to Make Your Own Gun?

is it illegal to make your own gun

Guns have been a part of history, and people have been manufacturing and selling them for ages. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, having a gun requires much scrutiny. But what if you were to make your own gun? What do international laws say about it? In this article, we’ll compare the different gun […]