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Is it legal to own a peacock?

Is it legal to own a peacock

With more and more people leaning further away from the mainstream gamut of cats, dogs and goldfish, exotic animals grow to be an increasingly popular choice of pet. Peacocks are a favorite for individuals exploring pet options off the beaten path, leading to the discussion of if it is legal to own a peacock. Admittedly these Asiatic species make a showy ornamental companion; thus, adopting one or muster of them makes perfect sense. Even as the animal companion dynamic changes, some remain impermissible as concerns of their legality largely loom. The truth is, there is never a straight answer to the legality of exotic pets as the system of laws vary from place to place. Ahead, we attempt to dissect the authorization of pet peacocks in four different states- the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the U.K.

Pet peacock constitutional regulations country to country

Like all animals, peacocks are protected by statutory laws; that said, their ownership is directed and overseen by the government. Consequently, any form of mistreatment, neglect and illegal ownership of animals, both wild and domesticated, is an offense punishable by law. The consideration of different provincial and municipal laws also factors into whether or not it’s legal to own a peacock. We delve into four state legislations.

The U.S.A.

Peacocks are growing on the United States, with lots of people embracing them as part of their household. On a general note, the United States of America does not dispel this exotic species as a domesticated companion; however, there are specific guidelines to observe when considering ownership of a pet peacock. One, you will be required to have at least 80 square feet of space to accommodate your peacock; this perimeter increases as your feathery family grows. Additionally, the state mandates that you follow up on your peacock’s healthcare; this includes all the farm veterinary shots and medication to keep lice, avian pox, worms and any other diseases at bay.

Apart from proper healthcare, the government will also deem you solely responsible for the peacock, so you might want to ensure that your peacock pet will not be a nuisance or hazard to your immediate community. Disregarding the guidelines mentioned above could earn you a fine or, worse, jail time. In the end, the USA is one of the few places where it is legal to own a peacock!


Primarily, exotic Canadian bylaws are not standardized; as such, one should expect the legality of peacocks to vary based on province and municipality. For the most part, having a pet peacock in most provinces is legal; this includes Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba. However, Surrey British Columbia unanimously passed the motion to recently remove peacocks from the area. The residents regarded peacocks as feral and problematic, leading to the legislation to bar the birds. In addition to the new law, the local ordinance of Surrey introduced fines of $450 for anyone found harboring peacocks in the area. So, if you had an eye on Surrey as a home for you and your pet peacock, you might want to reconsider.


Peacocks on Australian soil have raised a mixed reaction from the residents, with half of the population admiring the birds whereas the other half regards them as a pest to the community. On a broad spectrum, most Australian councils are yet to develop a specific policy on peacock pets, although a significant portion is undoubtedly disapproving of them. In a sense, the Australian legal convention is reserved on keeping peacocks as pets; they discourage their habitation in suburban areas, commercial venues, and residences. However, if one decides to keep peacocks, you’ll be required to have large poultry run with a roof to contain them.

More notably, the municipality of Brisbane and Queensland are more straightforward on their pet peacock unauthorization- Brisbane bans the keeping of peacocks as pets. In contrast, Quensland emphasizes the introduction of animals that turn into serious pests that attack other pets, damage crops and the economy is prohibited. The mentioned traits are pretty familiar with peacocks.


The U.K.

When it comes to housing peacocks as pets, the U.K. is quite lenient with its laws. Constitutionally, peacocks are regarded as a non-indigenous species in the United Kingdom; for this reason, the birds aren’t covered by the statute wildlife protection laws. That said, most peacocks have owners that care for them as domestic pets. Within the law, the United Kingdom recommends anyone looking to adopt a pet peacock ensure that they either have a spacious garden or large aviary to give the bird free range. Another highlight is the government-issued guideline of keeping a pen that’s at least 8 feet tall so your peacock isn’t constricted too much. Even though you will not be required to have a permit to keep a pet peacock in the U.K, you still have a responsibility to safeguard your pet’s safety and other people as well as keep up with their veterinary visits.

Bottom line about owning a peacock

Pets are a huge responsibility; they require a great deal of commitment, time, money and energy for their well-being and development. While you might consider yourself ready to adopt an exotic pet, you will need to consider a lot of factors, say how compatible your peacock is with humans and other pets? Are you able to access the required veterinary care for your peacock? Will the sight, sound or smell of your pet peacock bother your neighbors? All these aspects go well beyond the constitutional regulations of having a peacock as a pet; however, they’re substantial concerns that complement the legitimacy of pet keeping.

Suppose you check all the boxes as mentioned above; there is still a need to check in with your local ordinance for the authorization to have a peacock pet. The concerned statutory department will assess your condition, offer you guidelines and award you a permit to keep your feathery friend.

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  1. We live in the county (USA) my neighbors have a peacock, it’s alone. Is this a problem? I hear it talking all the time. I just wonder is this ok without a partner?

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