Is It Legal to Own a Lynx?

Is it legal to own a lynx

Is it legal to own a lynx in your country? Where are lynx legal and illegal to own? What exotic cats can you keep as pets? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and offer a list of exotic cat breeds that you can own as a pet. Check it out!  Laws Around the World  […]

Where Can You Own A Fox?

where can you own a fox

Many people have this obsession with owning exotic, unique, and outlandish pets. If you browse the internet regularly, you may have seen videos of people playing with tigers, bears, and other animals that you won’t find in any shelter or pet store. But animals like tigers and bears are dangerous if not properly taken care of, […]

Is It Legal to Own a Raccoon in Canada?

Is it legal to own a raccoon or raccoons

Raccoons are furry and adventurous, and they may be one of the most curious animals on the planet. They’re also highly adaptable to any kind of environment or habitat. They’re super cute, too, which leads to many people considering owning one as a pet.  However, is owning a pet raccoon legal in Canada? What laws […]

How many dogs can you have?

How many dogs can a person own

The number of dog parks, grooming parlors, training schools, and pet food stores shows that dogs are a popular pet favorite. There’s no denying that all that furry love is a little too hard to resist, and while we love our dogs, sometimes keeping a pack of them doesn’t sit right. Like any other pet, […]

Is it legal to own a peacock?

Is it legal to own a peacock

With more and more people leaning further away from the mainstream gamut of cats, dogs and goldfish, exotic animals grow to be an increasingly popular choice of pet. Peacocks are a favorite for individuals exploring pet options off the beaten path, leading to the discussion of if it is legal to own a peacock. Admittedly […]

Is It Legal To Have A Pet Squirrel?

legal pet squirrel

Here you will find the definitive answer to your question: “Is it legal to have a pet squirrel?” Squirrels as pets is a huge debate. Some argue that you shouldn’t even feed them, let alone try to domesticate them.  That’s why here’s a compiled list of everything you need to know about keeping a squirrel […]

Where is it legal to own a monkey?

illegal to own a monkey

Owning a monkey and the legality behind it differs from state to state, country to country, and contains different stipulations for each different locale. We’ve taken the time here at lawyerblogger to go over the most relevant laws around the world for our readers to digest. So lets find out if it is even legal […]

How many cats can you own?

how many cats can you own

The debate of how many feline friends are permissible by law in the United States is not an uncommon one. Tracing back in history, the United States was never endowed with cat-related federal regulations due to what was then considered a lack of their intrinsic value. To date, there are no distinguished national codes for […]